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Sarah has been speaking since she was 15 and loves nothing more than connecting to her audience through her creative,

humorous, and soul-stretching keynotes.

Below are a few of her popular keynotes, however, Sarah loves creating unique keynotes catered specifically to each client.  Enquire today!


"Absolutely brilliant presenter who has an amazing talent to inspire and engage an audience of all ages and backgrounds."

Australian College of Nursing

"Sarah is a rare breath of fresh can't help but be completely engaged from start to finish."


"Sarah your painting brought life to the event!"
Artist Sarah Rowan x Jake Holly

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In this keynote, Sarah shares how CEOs are placing more and more emphasis on creativity than at any other time in history as the explosion in technology has forced companies to be innovative or be left behind.  With over 500 events under her belt as a speed painter, Sarah has noticed the limiting beliefs within most individuals among the corporate spectrum.  


In the session your team will learn:

- The new definitions of creativity, break apart old mindsets and hindrances limiting you from believing in your creative abilities

- Practical ways to activate and increase your creativity inspired by the latest examples of creativity and innovation in the workplace globally

Artist Sarah Rowan x Jake Holly
Artist Sarah Rowan x Jake Holly
Artist Sarah Rowan x Jake Holly


Sarah’s personal story has been attracting more and more attention than even her talks on creativity as she came out of a 20-year closet in early 2018 and soon found herself on Studio 10 sharing her story and incredible speed painting talent.  Leaving a 12-year traditional marriage and belief systems to embrace her sexuality, Sarah discovered phenomenal improvements in her health and business success.  Now she inspires others to embrace who they are whether in seemingly small and insignificant ways, or large ways that will impact many lives.


In this session you will hear:

- “If you are a different person at work than you are at home, then in one of those places you are a liar.” - Simon Sinek

- Real-life examples of how our emotions are linked to our health, including Sarah’s instant healing from mental illness and depression

- Sarah’s story is a conversation starter and bridges the gap that many have in regard to sexuality being a choice vs how you were born.  This talk helps educate parents and leaders who have difficulty understanding the topic of homosexuality.



In this talk, Sarah inspires her audiences to use the gifts and talents within them to make a difference in this world.  Having raised nearly 270K for charities through her speed painting at fundraisers, Sarah has noticed how people often feel overwhelmed by global problems and uses her platform to inspire others to look at gifts they already have within, that have been overlooked.

In this session you will be inspired:

- Audience members will be reminded of their abilities to make a difference in this world in small and large ways.

- Learn how to recognise their gifts and talents, and how to draw them out of themselves and their colleagues

- Encouraged to see global problems as opportunities and hear stories of other everyday people who have used their gifts to change the world

Artist Sarah Rowan x Jake Holly

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