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Best Keynote Speaker Sarah Rowan

Sarah's Speaking

Powerful and energetic speaker!  Perfect for after lunch and closing time-slots.  Sarah has an incredible way of connecting with her audiences that leave a lasting impact.

Sarah's humourous and heartfelt communication style is a unique gift that flows through her words and paint as she creates a bespoke masterpiece for each client.

Key Takeaways

  • Sarah breaks down the creative process while painting an original work LIVE

  • Practical ways to activate your creativity and therefore productivity in the workplace

  • Learn how connection to self is necessary to connect effectively with others.

  • The healing power of being wholly you both at work and home

  • Overcome limiting beliefs that keep your creativity and curiosity in stagnation 

5 Reasons to Book Sarah

- She is "breath of fresh air" 
- She is funny & laughter is the best medicine
- She creates a unique painting for each client to keep!
- She is easy to work with - no fuss, authentic, real
- She is wildly inspirational



"Absolutely brilliant presenter who has an amazing talent to inspire and engage an audience of all ages and backgrounds."

Australian College of Nursing

"Sarah is a rare breath of fresh can't help but be completely engaged from start to finish."


"Sarah your painting brought life to the event!"


The Power of Creativity

The Power of Authenticity


3 hour Workshop including Creative Art Session with Sarah

Working With the Best Clients...

Nestlé Purina
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